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It touched the lives of countless souls.

It left its mark on countless more. A city that breathes, lives and rejuvenates itself again and again. A city that sailed through ancient history and makes history each day. You call it growth, development and building a whole city into a unique brand. We call it Sialkot, at the dawn of progress. Considered one of the finest business centers since ancient times, Sialkot was built on the promise of future like the greatest cities in ancient Greece and Egypt. Blessed with agricultural plains, the romantic Chenab flowing in the north and a will to change the world, the city’s pivot is the creativity of its business minds and the undying craving of excellence by its skilled working class.

The word diverse hardly covers the extent of growth, expansion and skills of Sialkot’s talented populace. From manufacturing a unique range of sports equipment to creating marvels in the world of medical production. From developing a system of remarkable benefits for skilled labor to actively leading the fight against child labor, Sialkot has made its mark in the Industrialized world.

With hundreds of dedicated factories across the city manufacturing sports goods, the football manufacturing industry in Sialkot is the frontrunner when it comes to export. With a 60,000 strong workforce, Sialkot has created history as football manufacturing capital of the world for a century. Producing the legendary Tango Ball for FIFA world cup 1978 and the memorable Brazuca in FIFA world cup 2014, the latest in the field is Thermally bonded footballs produced at Sialkot with their superior quality and less labor-intensive requirements. The industry produces globally recognized footballs, test them at state of the art testing facilities and ship them hundreds of miles across oceans and mountains, all over the world.

But what good is a football without your very own sports gear? The sports kits and gear manufactured in Sialkot utilize high-tech machinery imported especially for the purpose.

With a different twist on the production line as motorsports and Formula One apparel, designed and delivered for export markets, Sialkot offers the widest variety of sports apparels and professional kits anywhere in the industry. The standardized fabric, the minimal physical contact with the product and the close to perfection quality control, makes these sport kits another feather in the city’s cap.

Sialkot is world wide renowned and specialized in making customized sports bags of various brands extended from cricket, soccer, hockey and other games. The martial arts equipment and apparels are produced in bulk at Sialkot. Inspiring to lead the world in production of martial arts products by 2020, the industry is exporting largely to regional and global brands. Following tradition to build brands is great, but what happens when the demands change and technology takes a shift? Sialkot’s industry is one of the most adaptable when it comes to manufacturing. The production units not only meet the high demand for vintage collectors’’ edition balls by producing in bulk but has expanded in other fields as well. The Field Hockey sticks manufactured from composite material instead of wood is a specialty of this industrial marvel. The internationally recognized hockey sticks are produced under strict merits of quality, branded and exported to their destination with all the other sports goods. Another interesting product is the polo stick recognized for their durability and finesse. The manufacturing process is long and tiring, but it all pays off with the final product appreciated and demanded all over the world. Serving gigantic brands like Adidas, Nike, Mikasa, Puma, Lotto, mitre, uhl sports, Select, Rucanor, Baden, Reebok, Diadora, Fila, Umbro, CA Sports, AS Sports, MB Sports, Ihsan Sports, medioone instruments, Reda, Techno surgicals and more, Sialkot with its 2 Billion dollars’ export industry is paving the way for Brand Sialkot. Recognized globally for their durability and perfection, Sialkot’s products have found their way to the shelves of the finest sports centers and in the hands of star athletes of the world. Following the South Asian Passion for cricket, Sialkot’s cricket goods manufacturers have passionately developed and delivered the finest quality cricket equipment to the world. But never in this manufacturing have these bats or balls lost the artisan’s touch or the serenity of the British tradition of manufacturing a miracle in wood. But sports are not the only sector where Sialkot’s entrepreneurial brains are making history. The same principle is applied to the leather goods industry where finest leather collected from all over the country is seasoned to perfection manufacturing saddlery, harness, a wide variety of belts, the steamy leather jacket or the sports and safety shoes including performance motorbike apparel, that make their way to the international market. These skillful people inspiring the world through their best hands in making the leather bags and outstanding customized office stuff which is exported all around the globe. Designer wear is dazzled by the quality and designs of shoes manufactured at Sialkot as the industry aims to become the third largest export of the city after sports goods and surgical equipment. The leather goods industry utilizes the best of local talent to produce the finest of global products. The warmer weather across its plains does not hinder Sialkot’s entrepreneurs to venture into gloves industry where a versatile range of gloves including fashion, racing, working and safety gloves are manufactured by skilled experts. The fireproof fabric and the Bee Keeping uniforms are a new addition to the pool of creative products that have the potential to reinforce the industry. A similar innovation in the safety apparel production that is changing the dynamics of the safety gear industry in the region. Imagine anything from manufacturing of surgical equipment to electrical devices for medical use and Brand Sialkot welcomes you with a unique service. The surgical and medical equipment made in Sialkot is recognized worldwide for its quality, reliability and finesse. The product line includes but is not limited to Surgical, dental, veterinary and beauty instruments along with implants, Hospital equipment, Optical and Jewelry Tools of versatile range. The Techno-surgical equipment saving thousands of lives around the world is the latest innovation in the field of modern surgery offered right here at the heart of Sialkot. Fusing the skills of traditionally trained labor with modern technology, Sialkot has achieved what other business centers dream of achieving through years of development. The quality military uniforms and badges developed at Sialkot serve the needs of soldiers at our borders as a humble tribute to their services for the country. The police uniforms, hunting gear and apparels are yet another contribution by our skilled craftsmen. A similar approach has taken the city’s cutlery and musical instruments industry to new heights. Where one is serving households and hospitality industry throughout the world, the other offers a unique opportunity to cater the music industry all around. The innovation of pressure cookers (kitchen ware) produced to perfection is a unique one while musical traditions continue with Halifax and Middle Eastern instruments production. One of the finest contributions by Sialkot is not produced in a factory but grown across the beautiful plains of the city. The export quality rice produced in Sialkot is high in demand and is packaged and processed for supply within and outside the country to an ever-increasing craving. And more is what Sialkot offers to all the stakeholders of this unique brand. Where the international brands get their quality standards met all too well for their expectations, the employees in the city are provided with a chance to improve their standard of life. With its employee friendly policies and efforts, Sialkot is an interesting study of what creative business leaders can change in the corporate culture. With a constant demand of new skilled labor and staff, Sialkot provides the highest employment percentage in the country. Perhaps the only city in the world where thousands of employees go to work with smiles on their faces and hopes in their heart. The entrepreneurs of SIALKOT have made it their first and foremost aim to keep on touching new horizons. What makes their contributions stand out is the fact that these industrialists and businessmen openheartedly contribute from their earnings to develop the city. The new roads and excellent infrastructure is the self-accelerated effort of these minds. They realize the value of good education for youth and have taken initiative of developing several universities and institutes in the city with the aim of a developed, educated youth in due time. With future of trade going back to its roots, Sialkot stands at the turning point in history. The promises of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the promises of ecommerce have started to grasp the minds of Sialkot’s industry. The brand that has made its mark in a hundred years is set to carve it in stone for a hundred more. As the dawn of tomorrow shines its first light on the progressive city besides Chenab, the world looks forward. To a land of the passionate, the skilled, the creatives. To a land of opportunities and achievements.

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